How to Move a Page To A Different Menu Tab / Category?

Updated :

As your start using your website editor and making changes, you want to create new categories and pages.  As you are doing this you may come across a current page that you would like to move under one of the new categories.  To do this is very simple.

Login to your CRM.

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

From the left side menu, click on the category or menu page, the page you would like to move is saved under. For this example, we will be moving the testimonial subpage that is saved under the About page.

Now you will have the ability to select the page you would like move to move. Click on the page you would like to move, it will be in the Edit Subpages: section

While on the selected page, click on Settings

Under "Parent Category" select No Parent.  This will ensure that this page, will be its own page on the menu bar on the website

NOTE: If you want to move the page, under a different parent category, please select the new parent category from the drop down menu.

Before exiting this screen, make sure you click save at the bottom.

Now click on View Live Page, to make sure the changes you made, have been changed.

As you can see, the Testimonial section is now a menu selection on its own on the menu bar.


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