My Picture/Photo Isn't Showing Up on the Right Hand Side of my Website. How Do I Fix This?

Updated :

If your photo isn't showing up on the right hand side of the screen and you would like it to, this is an easy fix. Your photo and contact information is known/called as the "About Me Widget"

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then select your domain name in the drop down menu.

Now click on "Use in Website Editor"

Your website will open in another page in your web browser.  Click on the page you would like to add your photo and contact information to.   For this example we will be adding it to a subpage in the Buyer menu.


NOTE: depending on the website layout you chose, you may not be able to have the About Me widget on your homepage.


This is what the page looks like without the About Me Widget.


Next click on the content editor button on the right hand side of your screen.

The right hand side menu will now be open for editing.

Now you will need to add the About Me Widget into the right hand side menu.  To do so please click anywhere in the right hand side menu box. And insert "[Widget(About)]".  

NOTE: You can place the widget wherever you would like, however in this instance we will be placing it before everything else.

If  you are pressing CTRL + V, another screen will popup.  Please enter the Widget name here. And click OK

Now click outside of the Right Hand Side Menu box to confirm the changes.  Click OK on the confirmation box.

Turn the content editor off, by click on the content editor button (the middle button).

NOTE: When the box surround the content editor is grey, that means it is turned on.  When the box is black, that means it is turned off.

You will now see your page has updated.


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