How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website or Blog?

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You may want to insert a video onto your website or blog and to do that you must embed the "code" of the video into the website.  If you want to have the video on your site and not as a link to another website, than embedding is the way to go.  

Login to your CRM

Under your Websites tab, click onto your website domain name.  If you have more than one domain name, choose the website domain name that you would like to have the video on.

NOTE: Depending on which platform you have, the steps will be different.  If you have the old website platform, please click here.  

Please open your Website Editor

For this example we will be, entering a video on our blog.  Therefore please click on the Blog link on the menu bar.

NOTE: if you were are adding a video to an article on a page in your website, please find the desired page in this menu and click on the page.

Now you must turn on your Content Editing Widget.

1. If you are creating a new blog post to insert the video into click on Add New Blog Post at the bottom of the screen.

2. If you are editing a blog post, click Read More on the blog post you would like to update.

For this example we will be creating a new blog post.   After entering in the necessary information, click on Add Blog Post & Edit.  

NOTE: if you are editing an existing blog post, the next step will be of value to you.

Now enter in the blog post content.

Now open a new screen and find the YouTube video you would like to insert/embed. Once you find the YouTube video of your choice, click the Share button underneath the video.

Click on the Embed link.

Click on the Show More button

You now have the ability to change the size of the video player screen (if you would like).

NOTE: It is recommended you change the sizing to at least the 640 x 360 size.  

After you have chosen the correct sizing, you must copy the video "code".  To copy highlight the text and either right click and select Copy or press CTRL + C.

Now go back to your blog post page click on the Source button

After click on the source button, you will have to insert / paste the embed video code you just copied.   Click OK when you are finished.

You will notice a box named "Iframe" will show up where you embedded the video.  Now click outside of the text box and click OK to save the changes you made.

Turn the content editing widget off.

NOTE: When the widget is grey that means it ON.  

Voila, you are done!


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