How To Create a Community / Listing Page - Old Platform

Updated :

Login to your CRM.

Under the Websites tab click on the domain name you would like to create a new community for.

Click on Communities on the left hand side of the screen.

Click on Add New Subpage.

Enter in the new Menu Name and Title for the page.  Click Save when you are done.

NOTE: Make sure the Theme Template is set to Community and NOT CommunityMain.

Click on Update Listings Query For this Page.

Now choose the City/Community you would like to be part of the Search

Now click on the Settings tab, so you can add in the Communities Featured Picture.  The Communities Featured picture is used when you create a Featured Community widget for the selected Community.

Please click Browse to find the desired photo on your computer.  Once you choose the photo please click upload.

TIP: The best photo size for these photos is 300 x 200px.

After uploading the photo, click on Save.

Congrats you are finished!


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