How Do I Log a Previously Sent Email?

Updated :

If you have sent an email to a contact / lead from another system (ie: your gmail, outlook email), and would like to have a copy of that email logged in the leads/contact email history through the Agent Locator system, you can do that.  

NOTE #1: The email you log in will not be email to the contact. It is for information purposes only.  

NOTE #2: The email you log, could also be an email reply that you have received from the client.

Once you are logged into your CRM, find the desired lead from your homepage and click on their name.

Click on the Emails tab.

Click on Log an Email.

  1. Select whether the email was one that you sent or one that you received.
  2. Enter in the email subject for reference.
  3. Enter the date of the original email.
  4. Enter the time of the original email, if you would like.
  5. Copy and Paste the original email into the body of the text.
  6. Save the email.

NOTE: Step 2 & 3 are mandatory (the to and from boxs will auto-populate.  You are able to make changes to it if you would like.

You will now see the recently logged email in the email  history.  


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