What happens when my website is upgraded to a new platform

Below are some most commonly asked questions about our process of upgrading the website platform.


Q: Why do I need to update my DNS again?

A: When we move your website to a new platform your website gets setup on a different server and that's why we need to change the IP address to point to this new server.


Q: Will my content remain the same?

A: Yes all your content such as any community pages that you have created or article pages or blogs that you've posted stays the same.


Q: Can I see a draft preview before my website is upgraded?

A: This is not possible with the way the upgrade script works as in order to preserve and transfer all the content we have to make the neccessary changes on your live website directly. With this in mind, as soon as your website is upgraded and you've received an email from us you can start editing & customizing your website right away with the all the capabilities of the new editor:



Q: Will there be any downtime for my website?

A: There will be no downtime for your website and it will continue working without stoppages, however it might take our designer an hour or two to update your website to the requested layout.

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