How to Create a Follow Up Task for a Particular Lead

Updated :

When you receive a new lead in your system, you should be setting up  follow up calls for that contact.  To create a follow up call, please follow the below instructions.


NOTE: Tasks are action items that you must do in order to properly follow up with a client, service a client or to keep you organized with other duties/tasks that you are responsible for.



Login to your CRM


Click on the lead name you will be creating the task for.

Click on the Task tab.

To the right of the screen click on Custom Task.

Please enter in the Subject Name (this is what you want to call the task), Due Date and Due Time.  

You can also add in any comments if necessary.  When you are done click on SAVE

The task will appear in the lead's file under the Task Tab.

You also have the option to set up a reminder for this task for yourself , if you would like.  To set the reminder, just double click on the subject name of the task.

You can choose whether the reminder is sent to you by email or sms.  

You can also choose how many minutes,hours,days, weeks before the task is due that you are reminded.



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