How to Create a Form Page -Form Coding

Updated :

You may want to create a new page on your website that has a contact form.  One way to create a form page is to choose the Form Template when creating the page.  

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your Domain Name from the drop down menu.

Now click on Use in Website Editor.

NOTE: Another window will open up with your website and the website editor.  When this window opens, please close it.

Now go back to the CRM window and to the left of the screen, click on the Category you would like to create the new page under.  

NOTE: For this example, a page will be created under the Buyers category, with content on the top and a call to action for a prospect to fill out a form below for a report.

Click Add New Subpage.

Enter in the Menu Name, Title and from the Theme Template, choose Form.  When you are finished click on Save.

Click on View Live Page.

NOTE: This will open up another window.  

This is what your new page will currently look like. You will have to add content to it.

NOTE: If you are unable to see your Website Editor, in the new screen that opens, that means you did not turn your editor on.  Please do so now.

To add content, click on the Content Editor to the right side of the page.

Now to back to your CRM window.   Click on Website Forms.

There are two types of form coding that is available. The first option, will send you an email with the information. The second will send you an email and automatically add this person into your CRM.  If you prefer the second option, it will be easier to use the form Template page.  Click here for the Form Template tutorial.

Now select/highlight the desired coding and copy the coding.  You can copy the coding by right clicking and selecting Copy in the drop down menu or by pressing CTRL + C.

Now go back to your new website subpage, with the content editor open.  Click anywhere in the content Box and then click on Source.

With the Source editor open, paste the form coding you previously copied.  Click OK when you are done.

Now click outside of the content box and click OK to save your changes.  You are all done!

NOTE: Using this coding, will have all responses from this form emailed to you.  They will NOT be added to your CRM automatically.  You will need to do this manually.

This is the finished product.


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