How to Add and Use the Video Widget

Updated :

If you would like to insert a video using the video widget it is very easy to do.  The widget is [Widget(Video)].

Please follow the instructions below.

First login to your CRM account.

Next click on Websites and then select your domain name from the drop down menu.

Click on Use in Website Editor


NOTE: When you click on Use in Website Editor another screen with your website will open.  Please do not close this as you will need to use this screen next.

With your website open and Website Editor turned on, find and select the desired webpage you would like to insert to video widget to.  In this case, the Video Widget page under my Test Page category.

While on your desired page, click on the Content Editor.  It is the middle button in the Website Editor.  

With the content box open to edit, you will need to add in the video widget.  Please copy and paste [Widget(Video)] into the content box.  

Now click anywhere outside of the content box to confirm the changes.  

Now click on the Widget editor button to the right of the screen.  

Your webpage screen will now look like this.  

Now you need to go the video that you would like to insert into the Video widget.  For this example, we will be using a YouTube video.  Once you find your desired file, click on the Share button.  

In the Share menu, click on Embed.  

You will see the Embed Code highlighted.  Please copy this code in it's entirety.  

TIP: You can copy by right clicking the mouse and selecting copy from the menu or you can press CTRL + C.  

Now go back to your website.  Click on the Video Settings button.

The Video Widget settings menu will open at the bottom of the screen.

1.  In the Video Title box, you should enter in the Title you would like for the video.  If you do not want the video to have a title leave this blank.  

2. Paste the embed code you just copied in the Enter Video IFrame box.  

3. Click Save & Refresh when you are done.  

Your video has now been saved.  Please click on the Widget Editor to turn it off.  




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