How to Create/Add Pre-Construction Condos / Developments?

Updated :

Many of you will want to add information to your website on Pre-Construction Developments. First you will need to create the pre-construction building by entering in the development info.  

NOTE: In order to show the properties on your website, you will need to either create a pre-construction page on your site 


Login to your CRM.

Click on the Websites tab and then click on your domain name.

Now click on  Manage MLS Listings.  

Click on Add New Pre-Construction Property

Enter in the all the information you have regarding the pre-construction property.    When you are done, click on Update Pre-Construction Property Values.

After updating the information, you will be able to add in photos, floor plans as well as a description.  Please enter in all the necessary information and then click the Update Pre-Construction Property Values.



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