How to Create/Add Pre-Construction Condos / Developments?

Updated :

Many of you will want to add information to your website on Pre-Construction Developments. First you will need to create the pre-construction building by entering in the development info.  

NOTE: In order to show the properties on your website, you will need to either create a pre-construction page on your site or you will need to use the pre-construction widget.

Login to your CRM.

Click on the Websites tab and then click on your domain name.

Now click on  Manage MLS Listings.  

Click on Add New Pre-Construction Property

Enter in the all the information you have regarding the pre-construction property.    When you are done, click on Update Pre-Construction Property Values.

After updating the information, you will be able to add in photos, floor plans as well as a description.  Please enter in all the necessary information and then click the Update Pre-Construction Property Values.

Add Property Photos

To add in the property photos, click on Browse.

Add Property Photos

Select the photos you would like to use for this property, when you are done, click on Open.

NOTE: You can select up to 30 photos at a time and each photo must be less than 2MB in size.


The system will now show you how many photos you have selected.  Click on Choose Files to select more photos.  When you are done click on Upload

You will now see the uploaded photos.  You now have the ability to sort the photos as you wish.  Each photo is given a numeric value from 0 to ?.  Just give each photo the appropriate number and your photos will be properly sorted.

To change the sort order of a photo, click on the sort order box and choose the desired order # for the selected photo.  

When you select a new order number, you will see a notification of the new saved order # that photo has.  Continue sorting the remaining photos.

Add Property Floor Plans

Adding in the property floors plans, is essentially the same as adding in a photo.  Click on Browse.

Add Property Floor Plans

Select the desired files.

Adding in the VIP Pricing and Property Descriptions

Now you can add in the VIP Pricing and the Property Description.

Adding in the VIP Pricing and Property Descriptions

When you are finished entering in this information, click Update Pre-Construction Property Values.

Now you're done. Click on Close at the top right of the screen.

Please confirm that you would like to close the screen by clicking OK.

NOTE: If you are unsure if you have saved your information or not, make sure you click on Update Pre-Construction Property Values, before closing.

Now you may go to see your website to see the added property.  To see the property details, click on the picture.


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