How to Add and Use the Slideshow Widget

Updated :

If you would like to add an image / picture slideshow to any page on your website use the [Widget(SlideShow)].  



To get started login to your CRM

Once you login, click on Websites and your domain name.

Now click on Use In Website Editor.

Your website will now open up with the website editor on.  Please choose the webpage that you would like to add the slideshow to.

NOTE: You will know the website editor is on, because the 3 editor buttons will be on the right hand side of your screen.

Next turn the content editor on, but clicking on the middle button.

Enter [Widget(SlideShow)] in the content box.

Click anywhere outside of the box to confirm the changes. Click OK.

Turn the Widget Editor on.

Click on SlideShow Settings.

Slideshow Widget Settings

1. Global Widget, Just For This Page Widget?  If you will be only using ONE (1) slideshow on your website in total, then use Global Widget, Otherwise use Just For This Page.

2. Hide From Public View: If you would like the Slideshow to be hidden, select yes.

3. Slider Options: You have a choice between Horizontal, Vertical and Fade.

4. Total Number of SlideShow Photos: Enter in the number of photos you would like on the slideshow.  

5. Once you finish with your choices, please click on Save & Refresh.

NOTE: You can edit the number of photos at any time.  If you choose to decrease the a # of photos, the system will delete/remove the photos starting from the right to left.

A black box will show up underneath the SlideShow Settings button.  Please click on the button again to add your images.

Now scroll down in the settings menu, and click on Select New Image.

Click on Your Images if you would like to select an image you previously uploaded or if you would like to Upload a new image. Otherwise you can select on of the gallery photos below.

To Upload a New Image, click on Browse under the Upload New Image title (after clicking on Your Images).  Select the desired file from your computer.  

Click on the Select Image button for the desire photo.  Repeat these steps for each photo you would like to add on your slideshow.

When you are finished click on Save & Refresh.  If you forget to do this, your photos will not be saved.

Now turn the widget editor off.  You are all done!


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