Filter What You See Under The My Lead Section with Select Column

Updated :

With the Select Column you are able to filter / change what information you can see about your leads.  The default setting for your My Lead screen section looks like below:

With the Select Column filter you can add or remove the filters that you would like. The different filter options are:

1. Lead Type

2.. Name

3. Phone

4. Created

5. Status

6. Source

7. Listings Found


To make changes to the filters click on Select Columns.

Click on the name of the filter to move it to the Right.  The right column is all of the filters that will be shown on your My Leads section.  When you are done click Save.

NOTE: If you would like to remove a filter, please click on the name in the Right Column and it will move to the left column.

If you want all the filters shown under the My Leads section the Select Column page will look like this

NOTE: You are unable to order the columns as you wish.  They are set to show up in this order.


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