Feed Leads to Your Agent Locator CRM

Updated :

If you get emails from another lead source (ie: Realtor.ca, Trulia, Zillow, etc) and you wish to automatically have those leads go directly to the AgentLocator CRM, you can now do so easily.  

Step 1: Find Your CRM Email Address

You can find your feed leads email under your User Account Settings.   Click on Settings and then User Accounts.

Step 1: Find Your CRM Email Address

Click on Edit beside the user you would like to find the email for.

You will find the email under the "Feed Leads By Email" section.


NOTE: If you also use another CRM provider in conjunction with the Agent Locator CRM.  You can easily feed leads to the other CRM by entering in your email address for that CRM system in the box "Send Copy of Email to:"

STEP 2: Adding Feed Lead Email to Your Lead Providers

Next you will need to add this "FeedLead" email to your other lead providers.  The process for each Lead Providers varies.  It is best you contact you lead provider on how to customize your email settings.



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