How to Add / Use the My Featured Listings Widget

Updated :

Using the [Widget(MyFeaturedListings)] will allow you to display ONLY your active listings. In order for this widget to work correctly on your site, we will need your Agent ID number for the feed.  If you are unsure of what that ID # is, or if we do not have your Agent ID in the system, please contact support at

Login to the CRM

After logging in click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor.  This will open up another internet browser tab with your website on it.

Select the page on your website that you would like to add the My Featured Listings Widget to.  In this case it will be a My Listings Page on my site. After selecting the desired page, please click on the content editor to turn it on.

Enter in the [Widget(MyFeaturedListings)] widget into the content box.  

Click anywhere outside of the content box and this will allow you to confirm/save the changes you have made.  Press OK.

Now turn the Widget Editor on.

Click on the MyFeaturedListings Settings

1. Specify if you want this to be a global widget or one just for this page.  

2. Do you want to hide this from public view? No means it will be visible on your website

3. The default title is My Listings but you can change it to whatever you would like.

4. You can select a certain amount of listings to be shown in this section.  12 is the default.

When you are done click on Save & Refresh.  

Turn the widget editor off and you are all done!


NOTE: If you follow the steps correctly are you do not see any listings showing on your page it is for 1 of 3 reasons.

1. You do not currently have any active listings

2.  We do not have an Agent ID # associated with your account

3. We have the incorrect Agent ID# associated with your account.


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