How to Use / Add the Twitter Widget - Option 1

Updated :

If you are a twitter user and would like to have your tweets shown on your website follow these instructions.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor

Now select the page that you would like to add the twitter feed to.  In this example, we will be adding it to a page named Twitter widget under the Test Page menu option.

NOTE: Some good places can be your homepage, About page, Contact page.  

Turn the content editor on.  

Enter in [Widget(Twitter)] where you would like your twitter feed to show.  

Click OK to Save the changes.

Now click on the Widget Editor

Click on Twitter Settings.

NOTE: If you do not see this box, that means the widget name/command that you used was not entered in correctly.

1. Do you want the settings for this widget to be saved for every time you use it (global widget) or do you want this settings to be used just for this page?

2. No - will keep the widget visible on your website, Yes - will hide it from your website.

3. Enter in your Twitter page name

4. Enter your Twitter Page ID. (see below for instructions)

5. Click Save & Refresh when you are done.

Twitter Page ID

Click on Create New

Twitter Page ID

Make your changes and then click on Create Widget

TIP: You may want to change the height of the box, it is defaulted to 600px which is quite large

There will now be html coding that you can use on other sites, but for this example you need to scroll up in the coding and find your ID #



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