How to Change Button/Widget Images?

Updated :

You will have various buttons/wigets on your website and as time passes you may want to change those pictures.  

To get started login to your CRM.  

Now click on Websites and in the drop down menu select your domain name.  

Now click on Use in Website Editor

For our example, we will be editing the image for the Milton community page.  Therefore with the website editor open, I will click on Communities and select the Milton page.

NOTE; This process to make changes to any of the button/widgets is the same.  

On the bottom left hand corner of the website, click on Page Settings.

Click on Select Image.

Your Image Gallery will now open up.  Click on Your Images to either select an image you previously uploaded or to upload a new picture.  

NOTE: You do not have to select Your Images.  You can select another image under one of the defaulted image categories.  

To upload a new picture select Browse.  If you are using a previously uploaded picture click on Select Image.

After selecting the desired image.  Make sure you click save.  Now your new image is saved.  


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    Emelia Jhon

    I was looking for this thing for a long time and finally, I found it here. I will implement all of these things on the AGC Landscapes project.

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