Why Keep Listings & Stop All Others?

Updated :


When you have a lead on a campaign that sends out listings and qualifying emails you must not forget to press the "Keep Listings Stop All Others" button.

Example scenario:

You got a lead 3 days ago and you placed it on the campaign.
On day 3 the lead answers your phone call and talks to you about their needs.

Day 4 rolls around and the system sends the lead a qualifying email that looks like this:

Hello John,

I wanted to take a minute to see how you were enjoying your daily listings from our MLS system? Have you seen anything that is worth a look? If you need any adjustments to your search please drop us a line, we will be happy to do so.

What was your timeline to make a move by?


Day 5, 6 & 7 more tasks are created for you to text & call this lead.  

To prevent issues like this all you have to do is go into your lead profile, go to "Email Campaigns" and click the "Keep Listings Stop All Others" button.

This will ensure that new listings that are found go out but the rest of the qualifying emails are stopped.


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