Alert when lead becomes active

Updated :

Alert when lead becomes active is used when you with to be notified when leads are active such as:  Looking at listings, reading your emails or come back to your website.

There are three options:

When any of the leads become active we will notify the user who is assigned to that lead by email to alert them the lead is active.

The system will not notify you at all.

Only on select leads
When you select only on select leads you can specify which leads you wish to get alerted about and which leads you don't.

To tell our system that you wish to be notified of a leads activity simply follow these steps:

1.  Go into the lead profile for which ever lead you wish to receive alerts for.
2.  Under the "Tags" section, add a new tag called: Alert When Active
3.  Click on "Save Tags" button.

* Please make sure the tag is exactly "Alert When Active" without the quotes.


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