How To Setup Your Buyer Clients on the V2 Buyer Campaign

Updated :

You now have the ability to use the V2 of the buyer campaign.  This will allow you to use more filter options for the listing search.  



Login to your CRM.


From the My Leads screen, select the contact that you would like to set up on the buyer campaign using the new filter options.


Once in the Lead's file, click on Email campaign

TIP: In order to send the proper listings to a lead, please have a look at their activity tab if they registered for your site. For more information on the Activity Tab click here.

From the drop down menu select Buyer Lead Campaign and click on Add Lead to Campaign.



1. If you have previously created a buyer campaign for a client, you can use the V2 option.

2. If you create a search for a contact using the V2 option, please do not revert back to the previous search option for that lead.

3. If you update a search for a lead who was using the previous search option (V1), you will not be able to see what their settings were in the V2 screen.  Please click on Change Listing Search and make note of their search criteria and then click on V2.

4. This feature is not fully tested.  If you have any issues with V2 please contact support and put the email subject as V2 Change Listing Search

Click on V2

Now select the various filters that you would like to use.  For this example we will use the "Map Radius/Polygon and List Price" filters.

Click on Map Radius/Polygon

Click on the Polygon button.  You will now map out the area that you would like to search for listings.  

NOTE: Please left click to create your points.  Make sure your first point and last point connect.  

After you have selected your area, click on Add.

Now click on List Price (or whatever filter you would like to use).

Select which price option you would like to use, in this case it will be Price is Equal to or Less Than. Enter in the price and click on Add Filter.

When you are done entering in your search criteria, click on Save & Email All or Save & Email Only New Listings.

Save & Email All = this will save the criteria and send all the current listings found (new and old).  It will continue to send daily listings out to the lead provided that their are new listings to the market that match their criteria.

Save & Email Only New Listings = this will save the criteria and will NOT send out the current listings found.  It will continue to send daily listings out to the lead provided that their are new listings to the market that match their criteria.

This screen will close and you will now be taken back to the buyer campaign screen.  You're All Done!


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