How to Assign A Landing Page Registration to a Specified Account User

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For those of you who are working on a team, you may want to have a <link /button> on my other <website / blog / facebook> and I need visitors that come from that <link/ button> to my AgentLocator website to get assigned to a specific user account in my AgentLocator CRM.  This is very easy to do.  In this example we will show you how this can be done using the Homeworth Landing page on a Facebook posting.  Keep in mind this is a process that you can do for any page on your site.

**how to get landing page url for each agent



Finding your assigned user id # is very easy.  Finding your user id # is only necessary for those who have more than one user account under their main account.  To get started, login to your CRM.


Under the Settings tab click on User Accounts.

Now you will click edit on the user you would like to know/find the user id number for.  In this example we will do Adam Sawyer.  

Once you are in the Edit screen, you will need to look at the URL.  You can see that Adam Sawyer's ID # is 1957.  

To find out the remaining User Id#s associated with a main user account, please repeat the above steps.  Now that you know everyone's ID # you need to update the link that you use on Facebook.  To get the original URL we will go to our Homeworth page. I have highlighted the homeworth URL.  Please copy this url as you will be needing it for Facebook.

Now go to your facebook page and paste the copied URL.

You will now be changing the original URL by adding this code to the end of it ?AssignUsers_ID=<insert user id # here>.  Click post when you are done.



To test out the link, copy and paste the "Updated URL" in your web browser.

Create a fake lead for yourself, by entering in your address and your contact information.  

Now go to your CRM system's homepage.  Under the My Lead section you will see the fake lead you just entered is there and is assigned to the correct user account / owner.


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