How to Add / Create Blog Post Categories - New Platform

Updated :

If you are an avid blogger and you will be creating blog posts on various subjects you may want to create blog categories to make finding your posts easier for clients. For example you can have a section of blogs for sellers, home remodeling, buyer tips, market watch, etc.



Login to your CRM


Click on Use In Website Editor

Click on Blog from the main menu.

At the bottom left of your screen, please click on Add New Category

Enter in the new category name under the Page Title and Page Name section.  Click Add Page & Edit when you are done.

Your new category has now been added.  You can see it in the drop down menu under your blog category.  

To Add a New Post Under a Particular Blog Category

Once you  have created Blog Post Categories, you will need to make sure you have selected that particular category to make a post under it. For this example, we will select the Market Update category.  

NOTE: The only way you can add / edit / delete any blog postings is to have the website editor open.

To Add a New Post Under a Particular Blog Category

At the top of the screen it will show you which category you will be posting under.  

Now click on Add New Blog Post at the bottom left of your screen.  To continue with adding a new blog post follow these instructions.


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