How to Insert/ Add/ Embed a YouTube Video in a Mass Email

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You may want to insert a video into a mass email. Unfortunately there is no way to actually add in a video into the body of an email.  The best way to do have users link to a video, is to have a preview image of the video in the body of the email.  When the preview image is clicked it will open up another web browser page with the linked video.

Login to your CRM

Under your Emails tab, click on Mass emails.

NOTE: If you would like to create an email template not mass email, please click on Email templates instead.  

Click on New Mass Email

From the left side you are able to select a previously saved email template or you can Create a New Email.  

After selecting the correct email, click on Go To Step 2

Now you must select which contacts will be receive this mass email.  The contact selection will vary from mass email to mass email.  

You have various ways to choose your selection ranging from Lead Type / Status / Campaign and Rating.  For this example I will be selecting all of my Contacts.

NOTE: You could be sending out an invite for a client appreciate even and in that case you may want to invite only Past Clients.  You might have an exclusive listings and want to send out a mass email out to everyone in your database.  

To select more than one type of criteria, hold the CTRL button while making your selections.  You will notice I now have 3 leads selected.  Click on Go To Step 3 after you have made the appropriate selections.

Now you must select the date and time you would like the mass email to go out.  Click on Create & Go to Mass Email Editor

There are  6 different mass email settings, for this tutorial we will only be going over the first one.  To see the full mass email tutorial click here.

This is the email editor.  Please keep this page open.  

Now open a new screen and find the YouTube video you would like to insert. Once you find the YouTube video of your choice, click the Share button underneath the video.

Now click on Embed and then on Show More

You will now see a preview image of your video.  Please use a snipping tool or print screen to copy this image.

Save this new image.  

NOTE: Please do not close the youtube screen.

Now insert the preview image of the video you just saved.  You can do this by clicking on the Image icon.

Click on Upload.

Click on Browse

Double click on the desired video.

Click on Send It to  The Server and then OK

Click on the Link tab.

Now go back to the Youtube video and copy the video URL.  There are two ways to get a video URL.  

Method 1: Copy and paste the URL from the Embed code


Method 2: Copy and Paste the URL by the Share method.


Full Screen view of the video




1. Paste the URL you copied into the URL box.  

2. From the Target drop down menu select New Window.  

3. Click OK

NOTE: For this example, method #1 was used for the URL.


Now click the preview button to ensure that the video is showing.

This is the preview.  

If you like the preview, click on Save Changes.

Now you can continue with the remaining steps for the mass email. Click here for the steps.



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