How to Change Your Logo on Your Website (Top Left Corner)

Updated :

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Now click Use In Website Editor.  When you click on this, another web page will open up with your website.  

Click on the Widget Editor

1. Global Widget or Just For This Page: Do you want the settings to be a global setting or to be saved /used just for this page?

2. Hide From Public View: If you want this menu bar to be visible on the site, keep this to NO.  If you would like to hide it from the site, select YES.

3. Logo Link:  Before we actually insert your logo, we will add in the Logo Link.  This is the website address you would like users to be directed to if they click on your logo.  Generally this can be the website address for your website.

4. Logo Image: You will need to select the image from your image gallery, by clicking on Select New Image. (This will be shown in full below)

5. Select Which Header To Show: Full Width or Narrow Width (The options will be shown below)

6. Save & Refresh


Logo Image: Click on Select New Image.

NOTE: The recommended size is 300 x 150.  


Click on Your Images

Click on Browse and select the photo from your computer.

Select the desired logo to upload.

Now click on Select Image

NOTE: The files that have been uploaded are listed in alphabetical order.


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