How Do I Change the Senders Email Address for my Emails?

Updated :

Currently all emails going out from the CRM are sent from the crm.agentlocator email address.  Although you do have the ability to change the email, we highly advise against it.  When the email address changes, our clients find that many of their emails are going to SPAM.

Currently, this is what the sender's email address will look like when you send out an email.

NOTE: Your screen may look different depending on your email provider.

Please contact your email provider and get the following info:

1.  SMPT Server IP

2.  SMTP Server Port

3.  SMTP Server Username

4.  SMTP Server Password

5.  Find out if server requires sending out emails through a secure port or not.

NOTE: We have the ability to specify new mail servers for sending emails out however many email servers do not allow this functionality.  


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