How Do I Get My Map Search Page To Open to A Particular Area?

Updated :

The map search page is currently set to show an area according to where your website visitors IP address is located.  If you work in a particular geographical area and would like the map search to show this default area as opposed to the visitor IP address, please follow the instructions below.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your domain name.

From the left side menu click on Map Search.

Now click on View Live Page.  Once you do this another web page will open up with your website.

Now type in the city or area you would like to have the map search defaulted to.   You also have the ability to add in other criteria ie: Type of Home, # of Beds, # of Baths, Price, For Sale or For Lease.

Now you must copy the URL without your domain name in it.

Now switch back to your CRM and click on Settings.

Scroll down and click on Save.



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