How to Delete an Image From Your Image Gallery

Updated :

If you have too many unused images in your image gallery you do have the ability to delete them.

To get started, login to your CRM.

Click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor.

Now find any page on your site that has content and turn the content editor.

Now place your mouse anywhere in the content box and click on the Insert Image button.

Now click on Browse Server.

Click on Your Images

Find the desired image that you would like to delete and click on Delete.

Click on OK to confirm the image deletion.  


If you are trying to delete an image but you are finding that even though you click on Delete it doesn't actually delete the image.  This is because the image name has spaces in it.

If you have an image name like this "About Me.jpg" (without the quotations), you will not be able to delete the image from our gallery without the help of our tech support.

To ensure that this does not happen rename all files before adding them into your image gallery.





About Me.jpg


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