How to Use / Add the Submenu Widget

Updated :

The Submenu will automatically display all the subpages in the category using this widget.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your domain name

Click on Use in Website Editor

Now find the page that you would like to add the Submenu widget and turn on the content editor.

TIP: This widget should generally be used only in the right hand column of the website, not in the main content body.

NOTE: Depending on your website layout you may not have a rightside column on your homepage.

Enter the [Widget(Submenu)] into the content box.

Click OK to save the changes.

Now turn the Widget editor on by clicking on the Widget Editor button.

If you want you can click on Submenu Settings.  However there shouldn't be any changes you want to make other than making it hidden or changing the title of it.

1. Generally you would select this to be a global widget.

2. Select NO if you want it to be shown on your website. Select YES if you would like it hidden.

3. What do you want to Title the Widget. Default title is Menu.


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    I was especially impressed with the author's instructions on how to customize the look and behavior of the Submenu widget.

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