How to Add Listings or a Listing in a Blog Post

Updated :

If you would like to add in a listing or listings into a blog, just use the [Widget(Listings)]!  It is very simple.  To get started all you will need to know is which listing(s) you would like to be shown.



To get started, you must login to your CRM.


Click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor

Click on Blog

Click on Add New Blog Post

Add in your Blog Post Title and Blog Tags.  When you are done click on Add Blog Post & Edit.

This is what the blog will look like, so now you need to enter in the content for the post as well as the listings.

Click on the Content Editor button.

Now enter in the description for the listings you will be showing in this blog.

Before exiting the content editor enter in the widget for listings [Widget(Listings)].

Next click outside of the dashed box to save the changes.

Now click on the Widget Editor to the right of your page.

Click on Listings Settings.

The Listings Widget settings will show up at the bottom of your screen. Click on Select Listings.

After having clicked on Select Listings another web browser tab will open up with the different filters for you to use.

NOTE: If you are doing a specific house, you can use the Address or the MLS # filter.

In this example the Address filter will be used.

If using the address filter, start typing in the address and then click on Show Options

From the drop down menu select the address you want.

When you have added in all the criteria for the listings, click on Save This Criteria.

Now turn off the Widget Editor.

You're All Done


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    McKnight Jimmy

    I did the same but it still doesn't work, can anyone help me?
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