How to Update The Photos / Pictures on Your MLS Listing

Updated :

If you have a property that is currently listed on MLS and you would like to update or add more photos to the listing that is showing up on your website, please follow these instructions.

Before getting started you will need to have the MLS # for the listing.  Once you have that on hand, login to your CRM system.

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Click on Manage MLS Listings.

Click on Start New MLS Property Update

Enter in the MLS # of the property.

NOTE: You can update any of the options below as well.  Please make sure Feature on Homepage is selected to yes.

When you are done entering in the updated information, click on Add MLS Listings Update.

Once you click on Add MLS Listings Update, you will now be able to add in the photos you would like for the listing.  Please keep in mind, this will override all of the current photos attached with the listing.  For example, if you currently have 20 photos on MLS for this listing and want to add in 10 more, for a total of 30 photos; you will need to upload all 30.  Please make sure you are uploading the photos in the order you would like them to show on the website.

Click on Choose File to add the photos.

NOTE: you must select one photo at a time.

Choose the desired picture.

Continue the process of adding in all of the necessary photos.

When you are done, click on Close to the top right of the page.

Click on OK to confirm that you want to close the screen.

You are all done.  You may need to refresh the page if you do not see the newly updated MLS listing in the list.


This video tutorial will go over all of the options / changes you can make using the Existing MLS Feature.


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