How to Change the Menu Name of a Page on Your Site

Updated :

If you have a page on your website and you would like to change the menu name or the title name, please follow these instructions.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then click on your Domain Name

From the edit page menu to the left of the page, click on the menu category in which your page falls under (that you want to change).  If you want to change the main menu name just click on the name as well.  In this example, the Communities main page name will be changed to Active Listings.

Click on Settings (once you get to the page you want to change the name for).

Now change the menu name and title (this is optional).  You may also want to change the URL to reflect the new name of the page.  Keep in mind for the URL it must start and end with a forward slash, it must also have a dash in between each word (no spaces).

When you are done click on Save at the bottom of the page.


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