How to Send Traffic From Your Listing to Your Website

Updated :

On when someone is looking through properties for sale and when they click on a listing to view more details you can have them go to your website instead of showing more information.

Where to Add the URL

When you are brokerloading a listing or making edits to a listing, there is a section for URLS.  For best results we recommend that you put your website url in the Alt Feat Sheet URL section.

 It is recommended that you do not drive traffic to your homepage, but rather, direct traffic to the page on your website for that specific listing.

Where to Add the URL

Finding the URL to Your Listing

To find the URL to your listing on our websites you can go to your homepage.  In the search text box where you normally enter the city to search for homes.  Enter the MLS # of your listing and click on the Search button.

Finding the URL to Your Listing

Click on the property photo.

Depending on your registration settings, you may or may not see this registration screen.  Either way click on the View Listing button, in the bottom right hand corner.

Now copy the URL of the listing and paste the URL into the "Alternate feat Sheet URL" box.  This will drive all the traffic from to your website.


If you have any trouble finding your property on your website check:

#1 - When did you add the property to TREB?

It takes 24 hours for us to pull the property after you add the property to TREB for the first time.

To have the system pull your listing right away, login to your crm system, and click on Websites and then your domain name.



On the bottom left hand side of the grey box, you should see a Pull My Listings button.  Click on that.

NOTE: If you do not see a "pull my listing" option, it means we do not have your board membership number in your file.  Please contact support.

#2 - Does the search say 0 properties found but 1 additional property?

When your website shows that 0 properties found, but to view 1 additional property, it means that your listing is a VOW listing and requires registration to view.


If your property is part of the do not advertise list of properties then you need to go into your website CRM system.  Hover over websites, select the website on which you want to make this listing accessible by the public.

Click on "Manage MLS Listings"

In the "Permission to Advertise Listings" click on "Manage"

Enter the MLS number (comma separated for multiple)

Click on Save

Now under the "Manage MLS Listings you will see direct URL's to all of those listings.  Copy those URL's and paste them into

"Feat Sheet URL" is where you want to place your website listing url.


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