How to Add Google Translate to Your Website

Updated :

If you would like to add Google Translate to your website it is very easy to do.

To get started you need to go to

Click on Add to your Website Now

You will need to sign into your google email (gmail) account.

Now you must add in your URL for your website.  Then click Next.

Select how you would like the translator to display.  When you are done click on Get Code.

Copy the code.  

Now you will need to login to your CRM system.

Click on Websites and then your domain name.

Click on Global Content.

Click on Edit beside the BeforeHeadCode.


NOTE: If you have other coding placed in the Before Head Code, you may have to use one of the other global content settings.  Keep in mind, the placement of the translator plug-in will change according to the setting you save it under.  To have it at the top of the screen you will need to use the BeforeHeadCode.

Now click on the Source button.

Now paste the coding you previously copied.

Click on Save when you have pasted the code.

You will now see the google translator on your page.


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