How to Make a Parent Category/Main Menu Link Un-Clickable?

Updated :

With our websites, you will notice what when you click on the name of a Menu Option, that it will take you to a different page.  Some may not want the menu option to link to a different page, or to have the menu option clickable.

If you would like to have your parent category's to be not clickable or not linkable, there is a work around.  We cannot make the page un-clickable but we can change the settings, so if someone clicks on it, it will stay/go on the homepage.

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Find the desired page you would like to make "un-clickable".  In this example it will be the About Page.

Now click on Settings

Change the URL to / (just a forward slash).

Scroll down and click on Save.


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