How to Use / Add the Meet The Team Widget (Layout 6 & 7 Only)

Updated :

If you would like to use the Meet the Team widget on your website, you will need to make sure the appropriate pages are setup.  

To get started login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor.  

Once you click on this button, your site will open up in another browser tab.  Please keep it open but return to the CRM tab.  

Now you will have to add in the "Meet the Team" subpage.  For this example, the page will be added in the About section, however you can add it in under any parent category.

Click on the Parent Category name.

Click on Add New Subpage

Add in the Menu and Title name.  For Theme Template select AgentList.   Now click on Save at the bottom.

Click on Edit Offices& Agents

Click on Edit Offices.

Add in your office information and then click on Add Office.

Now click on Edit Agents.

Click on Add New Agent

Add in the Agent's Info.  When you are done click on Add Agent.

NOTE: If you would like this agent featured on the homepage of your website, select YES for Featured.


Click on Edit Agents again

Click on the Agent's Name that you have just created.

Click on Choose File, to upload the agents picture/photo.

A note will show up stating that the Photo has been updated.  Refresh the page to view.

If you would like please refresh the page. You can refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

When you are done, click on Close.

Now you can refresh your homepage and you will see the new Team Members on your site.


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