How to Export All of Your Partial Leads into a CSV File

Updated :

If you would like to export all of your partial leads, into a csv (spreadsheet), please follow the instructions below.

Login to your CRM system.

Click on Partial Leads at the top of your screen.

Select which lead(s) you would like to export.  This is done by checking off the box.  


NOTE: If you would like to select all of the leads on that page, without going one by one, click in the box in the top row, and select ALL

With the lead(s) selected, click on the Export all to CSV

You will see that a file has been downloaded in the bottom left of your screen (if you are using chrome).


If you are unable to see all of the leads you would like to delete, please click on the sort order button to the top right of your screen.  The partial leads are defaulted to show you only leads for this month.

Keep in mind, once you change the time period, please refresh your page in order for the Export to work.



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