Questions about deleted leads

Updated :

Why are my leads not deleted permanently when I "Delete" a lead?

Your leads are not deleted permanently right away just in case the lead becomes active again.  If a lead views a previously sent email or a listing we will show that lead within your "Live Leads" even if it's deleted.  

You can also choose to get instant email notifications if they do become active.

Also, because our system is "Team friendly" teams don't like to allow their agents to have the ability to delete leads without their knowledge.

Are my leads ever permanently deleted?

Yes, our system will purge through old leads that have no chance of becoming active and it will delete them from your system completely.

I am worried about emailing my deleted leads by mistake, is that a concern?

You should not be worried about emailing your deleted leads by mistake as our system will not send out leads to your deleted emails unless you manually send the lead an email.  Mass email features are also set to exclude all deleted leads.



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