How to Use / Add the RSS Feed Widget

Updated :

If you have seen a blog on another site, and you would like to showcase those blog postings on to your site, you can use the [Widget(RSSFeed)].  

Login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then your domain name

Click on Use in Website Editor

Now find the page that you would like to add the RSS Feed widget and turn on the content editor.


For this example the RSS Feed widget will be added to the right side column.

Enter the [Widget(RSSFeed)] into the content box.

Click OK to save the changes.

Now that you have added in the Widget, you will need to setup the widget to showcase the blog that you desire.  Click on the Widget Editor button on the right handside of the screen.

Click on RSS Feed Settings

1. Generally you would select this to be a Global Widget, but if you would like to use this widget more than once on the site, then please select Just For This Page.

2. Select NO if you want it to be shown on your website. Select YES if you would like it hidden.

3. Enter in the URL for the RSS Feed that you would like to show ie:

4. Enter in how many posts you would like to show from the RSS Feed.

5.Would you like a description of the posts to show under the blog posts title?

6.  What character limit do you want to set for the description?  You do not need to enter in any amount here if you do not want to.

7. Do you want to show the date the blog posts were created?

8. When someone clicks on the blog post title, do you want to blog post to open up in a new window? It is recommend that you select yes for this.

9.  Please do not make any changes to the CSS Code, unless you know HTML.  Contact support by email if you want to make changes to this setting;


For this example, I will be pulling the RSS Feed from a blog and will show you how to find the RSS Feed URL that we need. The blog is going to be used in this example. Click on where is says RSS Feed.

Copy the URL.

Paste the URL into Step 3 of the RSS Feed Settings.

When you are done setting up the RSS Feed, click on Save & Refresh

The RSS Feed is now showing.  This is an example of the RSS Feed With the Description NOT Showing.

The RSS Feed is now showing.  This is an example of the RSS Feed With the Description Showing.


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