Site Manager Update: Introducing User ID Extensions for Personalized Links

Updated :

We are excited to introduce User ID Extensions, a valuable feature on our new Site Manager platform. 

User ID Extensions enable users to create personalized links that assign visitors to specific agents, regardless of lead-sharing policies. This feature streamlines lead assignment, ensures accurate lead tracking, and enhances the effectiveness of agent marketing efforts. Additionally, it simplifies the registration process for visitors, improving the user experience and increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

Key Features:

  • User ID Extensions: Users can now add unique User ID extensions to their website links, allowing them to direct visitors to specific agents. This personalized approach ensures that leads generated through these links are automatically assigned based on the User ID.
  • User ID Field in Preferences: A User ID field is added to user preferences to facilitate the use of User ID Extensions. Users can set their unique User ID, which will be used in their personalized links.
  • Dropdown Custom Field: A custom field displays the assigned agent's name in the lead's profile. This feature provides a clear and visible indication of the agent responsible for the lead.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Streamlined Lead Assignment: User ID Extensions simplify the lead assignment process by allowing users to direct leads to specific agents, bypassing lead-sharing policies if necessary.
  • Accurate Lead Tracking: With User ID Extensions, tracking leads and attributing them to the correct agent becomes more precise, enhancing data accuracy and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness: Agents can utilize personalized links to improve their marketing efforts, targeting leads more effectively and increasing conversion rates.
  • Improved User Experience: Visitors benefit from a smoother and more personalized registration process, which can boost user satisfaction and encourage lead conversion.
  • Alignment with Legacy Functionality: This feature aligns with the existing functionality on legacy sites, ensuring a seamless transition for users migrating to the new platform.

User ID Extensions will significantly enhance lead assignment, tracking, and marketing efforts while improving the overall user experience. If you have any questions or need assistance with this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at



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