How to Add Your Phone Number to the Menu Bar & Have it Clickable

Updated :

If you would like to have your phone number on the menu bar of your website, then you will be creating a new page with the page name as your phone number.  You can also make the phone number clickable.  This is especially useful for those on mobile devices, as they can just click on the number to call you.

First thing you need to do, is to login to your CRM

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Now click on the Other page

NOTE: Your page list will look different then the one you see below.

Click on Add New Subpage

Now enter your phone number including dashes into the Menu and Title name field.

Make sure you select Other for the theme template and then click on Save.

Now click on Settings.

There will now be a few changes that you need to make in the settings section.

First under Parent Category, choose NO PARENT

Now under URL, switch it from /other/YourNumber/ to /YourNumber/

Lastly enter in tel:YourNumber into the Link to Different URL section.

Now click on Save at the bottom.

Now open up your website and you will see your number is now in the menu bar.

NOTE: Please view your website in another tab, as you may need to use the page settings in the next step.

If you are lucky enough to have your phone number be the last option on the menu, then you are in LUCK.  But if you are like me, you will need to change the display order of the pages.

In order to change the display order you will need to stay on the Settings page.  You will also need to know what order you want your menu headers to display.

NOTE: Your page order can be anything that you want. Just make sure every main category page is in your list and is assigned an order #.

1. Home

2. Communities

3. Map Search

4. Sellers

5. Buyers

6. About

7. Blogs

8. 647-494-4191

After you have figured out the order that you want your pages to go, you need to open the settings for each corresponding page. IE: My phone number page will be # 8 in my sort order. Therefore I will change the menu position from 0 to 8.

NOTE: Each main page must have a menu position # that is NOT 0.  If any of them are left at 0, the display order will not be accurate.

Once you are done entering in the appropriate Menu Position # click Save at the bottom.



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