How To Create a Page With a Map Boundry ( Map Radius/Polygon Filter Tool )

Updated :

To get started, login to your CRM system.

Next click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Next click on "Use in Website Editor"

Once you click on the button above, another page will open up in your internet browser with your website.  Please make sure you click back to your CRM system.

You will now need to click on the menu category in which, you want to enter the new community page under.  Typically you will be selecting the Communities category.  

Next click on Add New Subpage.

Now enter in the Menu Name and Title.  Keep in mind the Menu Name shows up on the menu in your website, and the Title shows up in the tab of the internet browser.

For Theme Template, select Community from the drop down menu and then click on the Save button.

NOTE: Community Theme Template = listing page

Next click on View Live Page

Next click on Select Listings

NOTE: If you do not see this button, it means you did not turn on the Website Editor.

Now click on the Map Radius/Polygon filter.

Now enter in the destination.  

The destination, can be a city, a community, a street name, etc.

click on the Draw a Shape Icon

Now left click in order to create a shape.  Please make sure that your first point and your last point touch, so that the shape can close.

Once the shape is shaded in, it means that it has successfully closed.   Next click on Add.

Add in any other remaining filters needed and then click on Save this Criteria.


You are all done.


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