How to Add an Open House to Your Existing Listing

Updated :

If you have an open house that you want to add onto your listing on your website using the Existing MLS Update option.

First you must login to your CRM system

Next click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Next click on Manage MLS Listings

Click on Start New MLS Property Update

Next in the MLS number for your property

Next select in the 1st Open House date.  When you click into the box, the calendar will appear.

NOTE: If the open house is for an upcoming month, please click on the arrow key beside the month and year.

Now select the Open House Start time from the drop down menu.

Now select the Open House End time from the drop down menu.

Repeat the process for the 2nd Open house date is applicable. Ie: if the open house is on Saturday & Sunday, Sunday will be the 2nd Open House Date.

Now click on Add MLS Listing Update.  It is on the top left of the screen.

If you go to your open house page on your site, you will now see open house you entered in.


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