How to Create a Pre-Construction Page on Your Website

Updated :

Many of you will want to add information to your website on Pre-Construction Developments.     In order to start the process, you may want to create a page for these listings.  

NOTE: You do not have to create a separate page, you can add this widget to a current page.

Login to your CRM.

Click on the Websites tab and then click on your domain name.

Click on Use In Website Editor and then close the screen the opens up.  

Click on Other.

Click Add New Subpage.

Now enter in your Menu Name and Title and change the Theme Template to Preconstruction.  Now click Save.

Now click on Settings

Under Parent Category, please make sure it says No Parent

NOTE: No Parent means that this page will be a main category on the menu bar on the website site. Essentially you can put it under any page you would like.

The page is now created and will automatically show any pre-constructions properties that you have added into the system.  

NOTE: How to add /create a pre-construction listing


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