How to Add / Insert a Map Search using the [Widget(MapSearch)]

Updated :

If you would like to add a Map Search to a specific page on your site, you can now do so using the MapSearch Widget.

To get started, login to your CRM system.

Click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Now click on Use in Website Editor.

When you click on this button another internet browser tab will open up with your website.  The website editor tools will show up on the right side of your screen.

Find the page that you want to add the MapSearch widget to.  Once you do turn on the Content Editor by click on the content editor button.  It is the middle button.

Now insert the widget [Widget(MapSearch)] in the content body.  Please enter it in, where you would like it to show up on the page.

Now click outside of the dashed box (content box area) to save your changes.   Click on OK when the screen prompts you to save your changes.

Now turn off the content editor to see how the map search is showing up on your website page.  Do so by click on the content editor button once more.

This is what the map search will look like on your page.  You are All done!


If you would like to access any of the settings for the MapSearch widget, please click on the Widget editor button on the right hand side.  It is the bottom button.


To access the settings of the widget, click on the MapSearch settings button.

NOTE: with this widget, you do NOT have the ability to have a set location for the map to show.

In the MapSearch settings, you have the ability to make the following changes:


1. Is this a global widget or just for this page? Generally this is fine to be a global widget unless you make a change to the Title or the coding.  If so, then I would put it to Just for This Page

2. Hide from Public View: Do you want this widget to be visible on the site or not? If you want it to be visible, keep it to NO.

3. Title: Here you can change the Map Search title to anything that you wish.  The default is Search

4. CSS Code : This will be used in the future for layout 6/7.  Currently has no functionality (Jan 12, 2016)


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