How to Create / Add a New Content Page On Your Site

Updated :

With your website you have the ability to create additional pages and subpages with content on them .  

To get started, login to your backend system.

Click on Websites and then your domain name.


Click Use in Website Editor.  Another website browser tab will open up with your website.  Please close this tab.


Click on the main menu category that you want to add the page to.

Click on Add New Subpage

Now add in the Menu Name & Title.

NOTE: The menu name is the name that will show up on the menu on your website

NOTE: The title is the name that will show up in the tab of the web browser.


Next select OTHER from the Theme Template.


Click on Save when you are done.

Click on View Live Page

Now you have created a new  page..Congratulations!!  Now turn on the content editor and add the text to the page.


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