What Do The Different Lead Types Mean and Where Do They Come From?

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By default there are 4 different lead types that come into the system with your AgentLocator website.  Below we will break down the different lead types, what they mean, where they come from and whats happens after they come into the system.

1. Other

An "other" lead is a lead who generally looked at listings and was asked to register or one who filled out a contact form on your site.  We don't know if the lead is a buyer or seller both or neither.  That is why the lead comes in with a lead type of other.

We do nothing with the lead other than notify you that you have an "Other" lead.  If the lead has been looking at listings, you can see what they were looking at from their activity tab.  It is recommended for those who are looking at listings, that you set them up on the Buyer Lead Campaign.

2. Home Buyer

A "home buyer" lead is a lead who has filled out the Buyer landing page; Get Listings In Your Inbox.  During the registration of the buyer landing page, leads are asked for their purchasing criteria ie: area, type of home, price range,beds & baths.  Once a lead registers from this page, they are automatically assigned to the Buyer Lead Campaign.

2. Home Buyer

3. Home Seller

A "home seller" lead comes in from your website from two pages - the HomeWorth landing page or the Seller - Quick Home Market Evaluation page. On both of these pages, the lead is asked to provide their contact information and home address.  If they have registered from the Seller page they will also be asked about some further details regarding their home ie: beds, baths, garage, etc.

When a Home Seller lead comes in, our system does nothing with this lead other than notify you that you have the lead.

3. Home Seller

4. Streetmatch

A "streetmatch" lead is a lead who registered from the StreetMatch/Nosy Neighbour landing page.  These are homeowners who want to know what listings in their area are getting listed for.

When a lead registers from Streetmatch, they are automatically setup to receive listings in a radius around the house address they entered in.  The system will look everyday for new listings in the radius that they have selected and according to the property type they have selected.

4. Streetmatch


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