How to Add / Use the Team Featured Listing Widget

Updated :

If you are part of a team or partnership, and both or all of the team members are listed as the primary agent on some of the listings, then this widget is perfect for you to use.

You will now have the ability to show all of the listings that the team/parternship currently has listed by using the [Widget(TeamFeaturedListings)].

To get started you will need to login to your crm system.

Click on Websites and then on your domain name from the drop down menu.

Now you will click on the Use in Website Editor button.  As soon as you click on this button, your website will open up in another internet browser tab with access to the website editor tools.

Now find the page you would like to add the TeamFeaturedListing widget to.  For this example the widget will be placed on the homepage of the website.  Once you are on the correct page, click on the content editor button to turn it on and enter in the widget [Widget(TeamFeaturedListings)] into the content box.

Now click outside of the content box to save your changes. Click on ok to confirm the changes.

Now turn on the Widget editor to access the settings for this widget.  Click on the Widget Editor button to turn it on.

Now click on the TeamFeaturedListings Settings button.

Here are the available settings for the widget

1. Do you want this to be a global widget or do you want the settings to be just for this page? Generally this should be a global widget.

2. Do you want to have this widget hidden from Public view, generally this is set to no.

3. What Title do you want to show up above the widget? The default title is Our Listings.  You can change this to anything that you want. If you do not want a title just delete the text that is there and leave it blank.

4. Enter in the agent id #s for your team here, separating each id number with a comma

5. How many featured listings do you want to show? This can be 4-40 listings.

6. Select which version to show? You need to select the layout # from the drop down menu.

7. When you are finished with making your changes, click Save & Refresh.


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