How to Use the Top Bar Widget

Updated :

The top bar is a widget that is automatically placed on all templated sites with AgentLocator. You have the ability to hide the top bar if you should ever wish to do so.  In this manual you will learn how to change the settings of the top bar and how to hide it if you would like.

This is the TopBar

First login to your crm system

Next click on Websites from the main menu and then your domain name from the drop down menu.

Now click on the Use in Website Editor button

To access the TopBar settings, click on the Widget Editor button

Now click on the TopBar settings button

1. Do you want the settings for this widget to be on a global level for your website or just for this page.  

2. Do you want it to be hidden from Public view, generally if you are making changes to the top bar and want it to show up this should be NO

3. What to display: you now have control over what information will show up in this section. This is a drop down menu, so please select one of the options in the menu.  If you do not see what you would like in the drop down, please contact support to see if that change can be done.

4. Custom HTML.  This is generally to be used by support only, unless you know coding.

5. Click on Save & Refresh when done.


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