How to Edit or Delete a Sold Listing

Updated :

If you would like to manage your sold listings you can easily do so now by editing the listing or by deleting a listing that has shown up more than once on your list.

Step 1: Login to your CRM & Click on The Website Tab


Step 2: Access the Website Section

To access the website section in your crm, simply click on Website URL found in the Website Tab


Step 3: Manage MLS Listings

Now you will need to click on the Manage MLS Listing option on the left.


Step 4: My Sold Listings

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the My Sold Listing section.  From here you will see all of the listings that we have pulled as a sold listing for you. If you see any duplicated please feel free to delete them by clicking on the delete button.  You will have the ability to cross reference your solds according to their mls # as well as their address.



Step 4a: Delete Sold Listing

If you notice that you have a duplicate listing or a listing that is showing up in the sold section that isnt in fact sold just click on the Delete button beside the mls#


The system will ask you to confirm the delete, so please click on OK. The page will refresh and the listing will have been removed.

Step 4b: Edit a Sold Listing

If you would like to edit a sold listing please click on the edit button.  

Some reasons to edit a sold listing, you want to change the property description, you want to add in a different featured photo ie: a photo with the sold banner (you must do this on your own, AgentLocator does not provide the banners for you).


Here are all of the fields you have access to edit for the sold listing.  When you are finished making the changes, click on the Add MLS Listing Update button.

Upload New Photo

Once you click on the Add MLS Listing Update button, the screen will refresh and you will now have the ability to add in new photos for the listing if desired.  Please keep in mind, if you only want to change Photo #1, you will need to upload the new Photo #1, plus all of the other photos.  To change the featured image, you will need to click on Choose Files


Double click on the desired photo(s)

NOTE: If you would like to have a sold banner on your property photo, you will need to add it on yourself.  Please click  here to watch a video on how to do it if you have a PC computer.

Click on the Upload button

When you are done entering in all of the new photos, click on Close on the right.

You will now see the updated picture on the sold listing.  

If you added in a Custom Title to your Sold Listing.  The Custom title will show up in the top right corner of the photo, and will replace the listing brokerage information.


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