How to Change / Update The Display Order of the Feature Categories Button

Updated :

Login to the CRM

Click on Websites and then click on your domain name.

Click on Use in Website Editor

Find the page the featured categories widget is on and then click on the Widget Editor.

Click on the Featured Categories Settings button.


Change the Order of the Buttons

You will now see all of your current buttons available.  By default the sort # given to the buttons is set to 0 for all.  Simply give your buttons a number from 0- ?, and the buttons will appear in the order you would like.  Please make sure no two buttons have the same number.  


Change the Order of the Buttons

When you change the sort order of a page, the system will ask you to confirm the change.  Please click on OK.  

Repeat this process until the pages are all in the correct order.


Click Close & Refresh at the top of the screen



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